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Welcome to The Internet of Things

Instrumentation & Process Controls

ATS is on the forefront of process controls innovation through the utilization of the Internet of Things (IoT). ATS has manged to:

  • Assist manufacturing facilities in the acquisition and analysis of data in real-time
  • Help businesses make better decisions
  • Improve processes
  • Reduce costs & increase profits
  • Tune systems autonomously
  • Predict failures before they occur
  • Detect anomalies
  • Decrease downtime

These accomplishments have all been achieved through the use of smart process controls design and the IoT. Find out how ATS can do this for your manufacturing operation.

Learn how your equipment communicates with each other and its computer maintenance management system to reduce mean time between failures, mean time to repair, and the overall equipment effectiveness.
Our goal is to you money by tracking when preventative maintenance should be taken care of. Our control systems have the ability to notify you before your equipment fails and order new parts before you even know something is wrong. These features allow you the ability to get a very quick ROI.
Internet connected devices are only effective if you have the proper security in place. ATS values security as much as any other aspect of process controls design. With ATS, your devices will be secure and safe from any outside threats.

Process Controls Design

It’s no secret by now that a large number of manufacturing facilities are increasing the scope of automation in their processes. Let ATS elevate your manufacturing capabilities by designing your process control schemes, providing top of the line automation equipment, and integrating your sub-components. When your sub-systems work together, you’ll increase safety, boost production, and increase productivity.

Chicago Stainless Equipment

The oldest manufacturer of 3-A approved sanitary pressure gauges and over 80 years of experience makes CSE a very trusted brand of process instrumentation. Whether your looking for a simple pressure gauge or looking to upgrade all your instrumentation, Chicago Stainless can get you there. Click the link below to view their full product line.